Key West Party Boats & Bottom Fishing Charter

Key West Party Boats & Bottom Fishing Charter

Key West’s Historic Charter Boat Row offers many options for exciting days on the water. Our knowledgable and dedicated staff provide world-class experiences for parties of all sizes. Enjoy the beautiful waters of Key West and witness the wondrous marine life for yourself. 

Charter Boat Row – Where Fishing Dreams Come True 

Key West’s waters are home to some of the best sport fishing in the world. Located on Garrison Bight in Key West, FL, Charter Row harbors the most experienced captains on the water and handles Old Town Key West’s most extensive fleet of charter boats. 

Bottom Fishing – Head Boats and Party Boats

Florida’s waters are teeming with active marine life, and Charter Boat Row offers some of the best bottom fishing in the state.

Bottom fishing excursions are available on head boats, also known as party boats. These are large ships, and there are often multiple parties aboard for the adventure. Your boat will provide everything you need, including license, tackle, and bait. 

Guests reel in fantastic fish from the ocean floor, including black grouper, mutton grouper, red grouper, scamp, gag, yellowtail snapper, kingfish, amberjack, porgies, and many more, even sharks at times! 

The boat provides a galley and restrooms onboard for your refreshment and relaxation.

What Types of Fish can Be Caught?

Key West anglers and charter boat captains target a wide variety of saltwater fish species; below is a list of many of the most popular types of fish caught in Key West, and information on feeding behavior and average sizes. Check our fishing calendar to learn which species is caught during any given month.

How to Catch a Fish on a Party Boat?

On a party boat fishing trip, bottom fishing is the name of game. Bottom fishing doesn’t require you to “cast out” in the traditional sense of the word. You will drop the rod into the water, reel it out a bit, then wait for a fish to bite before reeling it back in.

Newbies, don’t worry! The deckhands are always ready to help with any questions or instructions, and they’re happy to let you take a break and enjoy time on the boat. After the trip, you’ll be able to fillet and bag any fresh fish that meets regulations and is in season, which means you can bring home some delicious dinner!

What To Bring on Head Boats and Party Boats?

It is recommended, for the best experience, to bring the following supplies:

  • Wash rag
  • Hat and sun glasses
  • Raincoat for possible seaspray and light rain
  • Suntan lotion or Sunscreen
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Small cooler with food and drinks (no glass)

Why Choose Historic Charter Boat Row? 

With more than 35 boats varying from 18 feet to 65 feet, the Historic Charter Boat Row promises to offer you the biggest thrills on the water. For over 30 years, our captains have devoted their lives to preserving and promoting sport fishing in Florida to guarantee that you enjoy visiting the Key West Marina. 

Explore the Ocean through Historic Charter Boat Row

Charter Boat Row has the guides, captains, and vessels to facilitate your next day on the water, whether you are looking for a deep-sea charter to hook your biggest trophy yet or a family fishing experience to show the kids how to fish. Book directly with our captains for the best available price! Call us today for more details on our next fishing excursion.

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Image Source: Chuck Wagner / Shutterstock