Light Tackle Fishing in Key West

At Charter Boat Row Key West, we provide you with a fishing charter for all anglers. We have had charter fish captains dedicated to preserving and promoting sports fishing for over three decades. We have over 35 types of boats you can charter, ranging between 18 and 65 feet. You avoid booking agency commission fees when you book directly with our captains for a personalized experience.

We do not engage in bait and switch; what you see is what you get, and we live up to our promise of “Fish with a Pro.” We pride ourselves on having a modern fleet of boats with more speed and top-notch technology that guarantees the occupants’ safety.

Light tackle fishing in Key West is a great way to go a few miles offshore and enjoy the various species like tarpons and salmon.

The Experience of Light Tackle Fishing in Key West

Every angler should try light tackle fishing in Key West, the third-largest live reef. Key West is home to hundreds of shipwrecks, 100 to 400 feet deep on average. Key West charter boat captains and anglers target many fish species such as tarpon, Cero (mackerel), salmon, and more.

Light tackle fishing in Key West refers to the type of fishing. Initially, a light tackle boat was as small as a 20-foot center console, but today, light tackle boats can reach up to lengths of 40 feet.

The larger boat offers higher speed and more comfort. The boat’s open and fish-friendly layout allows anglers to fight bigger fish with light tackles.

However, some center console boats are for snappers, cobia, and smaller fish species. They use live bait to catch tunas and king mackerel. These consoles can hold a maximum of four anglers too.

Light tackle fishing in Key West offers anglers the opportunity to learn various fishing techniques. Light tackle boats do not carry mates. When fish start biting, it’s the captain and angler who work together as a team to reel in the fish.

Experience the Best with Charter Boat Row Key West

When you want to experience the best light tackle fishing in Key West, Florida, Charter Boat Row Key West has got you covered. Our captains are experienced, professional, and provide superior service. You have a wide variety of boats to choose from, all the tackle provided, and our captains will make sure your day is productive and memorable. Call (305) 423-2384 for more information or to book your next Key West fishing charter today!