Key West Fishing FAQ

Do I have to make arrangements to get my fish filleted?

Fish cleaning is normally done by the mate or captain.  It’s always best to check with the captain.

What do I need to bring?

You need a camera, sunglasses, non marking shoes and non-aerosol sunscreen (SPF 30 or above).  Whatever you want to eat and drink for day. Remember to bring water along with any soft drinks or adult beverages.

What do I need to bring clothing wise?

A light jacket or a long sleeve shirt and a hat will help protect  from the weather.

How do I mount my fish?

Talk to your crew. The boat can handle the arrangements to have your “fish of a lifetime” mounted and shipped to your home.

Do I have to kill the fish to mount it?

Modern taxidermy has been leaning toward Replica mounts whenever possible. This method uses little or no organic part of the fish. This eliminates deterioration and makes the “fish of a lifetime” last a lifetime. Because of this,

I’m worried about sea sickness, what do I do?

Most over the counter seasick medications are most effective if given enough time to dissolve. Taking one pill before bedtime the night before the charter and then one again first thing in the morning is the most effective method. Ask your pharmacist for suggestions

Also remember getting drunk the night before doesn’t help. Show up sober and have a light breakfast.

What is the normal tip?

The customary gratuity is 15-20% of the price of the charter. Remember your mate works long and hard to help you catch fish. The average mate arrives at least an hour before the charter and stays long after you’ve departed to clean the boat.

What about a bathroom?

Almost all the boats have a marine head or toilet. A marine toilet operates a little differently than the toilet in your house. While it is able to handle waste product the same as the toilet, they generally don’t handle paper products well.  Anything that is not a byproduct of digestion should be put in the trash can. This includes all paper  and sanitary napkins.

Can I bring my own tackle?

Yes but many times your tackle is not ideal for the fishery and may cause you to lose fish. Follow your guides recommendation.

Key West has a wide variety of fishing opportunities and because of this, most of the boats carry a wide selection of tackle. Check with your captain. While many people may have quality tackle for their fishing needs at home, it may not be appropriate for the type of fishing planned for the day.


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