Key West Wreck Fishing Charter Services

3 fishing rods next to recently caught large tuna fish

Shipwrecks provide excellent fishing on both the Atlantic and Gulf sides of Key West. Experienced captains lead world-class fishing tours to reel in snapper, sharks, king mackerel, grouper, African pompano, cobia, barracuda, sailfish, amberjack, tuna, and more as they abound at these wrecks. Key West Historic Charter Boat Association offers once-in-a-lifetime adventures fishing the many shipwrecks off Key West. Call now to book your trip today

Why You Need Key West Wreck Fishing Charter Services

While fishing wrecks in Key West, you want an experienced captain who understands the waters and knows where to find the best fishing spots. The type of fish you see varies by season and the wreck you are fishing. Fishing charter service providers always have the bait you need on hand to capture the right fish. 

Our captains will lead you across both sides (The Gulf and the Atlantic) with our charter services. Cobia, king mackerel, gag grouper, sharks, mangrove snapper, barracuda, and permit are the most common species found in the Gulf of Mexico wrecks. You can also find greater amberjack, black grouper, African pompano, blackfin tuna, king mackerel, wahoo, sailfish, and other species on the Atlantic side wrecks. 

Wreck Fishing: The Facts

Wreck fishing is among the most common types of fishing available in Key West. You can find delicious delicacies, including snapper and grouper, big game fish, including dolphinfish (mahi-mahi), and sailfish, in wrecks around Key West. We normally classify wreck fishing into two categories:

  • Drifting fishing – This is the most common type of wreck fishing. Anglers hover above a shipwreck, hoping to capture fish near the wreck.
  • Anchored fishing This method is best for catching snapper, grouper, and other reef-dwelling bottom species. Anglers anchor at a specific location and chum the water to draw fish from a broad region. 

Key West’s Gulf wrecks are home to a diverse range of sunken watercraft. In the southern Gulf of Mexico, victims of German torpedoes and World War II mines, alongside other sunken crafts, have recently been unearthed and provide exciting fishing experiences. Our fleet has many different types of ships to get folks to the best spots each season. Our boats are outfitted with state-of-the-art Penn rods and reels to catch the best fish in the Gulf of Mexico.

Why Choose Key West Historic Charter Boat Association

Whatever you want to catch, you’ll need the right team to succeed. Whether you plan to take a deep plunge into the open sea or just wish to spend the entire day on a boat, the Key West Historic Charter Boat Association helps make your fishing excursion a success. 

In our opinion, sport fishing is the most thrilling and enriching outdoor activity. Whether it’s the fresh sea air, the strategy in locating good spots, the knowledge in selecting the right bait, or the skill in hooking the line, baiting the hook, and casting – sport fishing is our great dance with the elements. Then, after a while, the great chase begins when a king mackerel pulls the line. 

If you want your day on the water to be fruitful, it is best to hire the assistance and facilitation of a professional fishing charter. The Key West Historic Charter Boat Association was organized for professional sport fishing experiences. Our charters provide all the equipment needed for memorable and enriching tours. Our many years of fishing charter experience ensure an excellent day of lightweight tackle angling. 

Book Your Wreck Fishing Key West Adventure Now!

Our captains are hand-picked, well-trained, and prepared to take on the Gulf wrecks with you in search of fish! Our fleet’s fishing boats and talent will give you a trip you’ll never forget reeling in all sorts of sea life from unique wreck sites in Key West! Call today to book your next fishing trip.

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